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  • Edit poll/review voting results to better promote your offers
  • Generate 100% mobile responsive polls/reviews/results

  • Send your visitors to any website based on their OWN answers
  • Perform market research with just a few clicks
  • Newbie-friendly interface
  • Zero coding skills required
  • Step-by-step training videos
  • And so much more

What Our Users are Saying?...

This is not another redirect plugin…This is amazing! This plugin is so ninja that it doesn’t even let you know that you are being redirected. To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical when I first take a look at it. But all my doubts vanished into thin air when I install and use it. It literally do wonders for my conversions. Good Job Guys!

Pallab Ghosal

This is simple yet amazing tool to keep people on your sites longer, to prevent bounces and also to preserve profits. I really didn’t know polls/reviews could be this powerful. I like the products which are easy to use and generate claimed results and WP-SalesPollPro is no-doubt one of them. Best Value for money software. Kudos to you guys!

Molly Shukla

Your Website Is Squandering Your Web Traffic!!!

Nope, we are not making that up and you know that. Your website is falling flat face first when it comes to engaging your visitors and converting them into potential buyers.

The truth is, no matter how much effort you are putting in SEO or even PPC marketing, they can go as far as directing new users to your website. But after that, if you fail in engaging your visitor’s attention and piquing their curiosity, they will bounce off you right into your competitors' clutches.

Imagine running a physical store in a busy mall where lots of potential customers step in but they leave without making any purchase or running a restaurant whose menu doesn’t seem appealing to foodies.

In the physical world that would be considered a failure. A user landing on your website and simply going away without interacting with your brand is akin to the above examples in the digital world.

Let’s face it,

Time Has Changed... And So Does Online Marketing Methodologies...

Gone are the days when you just put together a hard-selling, boring, non-appealing webpage and can still make profits online.

Today marketers need to qualify their prospects, engage their visitors, listen to their feedback and offer them something that is specifically designed for their unique needs. You need to make them stop dead in their tracks and take a look at the products and services you have on offer…And That’s Why You Need To Engage Your Visitors And Understand Their Needs!

Engagement Is The Online Catalyst That Converts Prospects To Customers, Customers To Loyal Customers, And Loyal Customers To Vocal Brand Advocates!

Captivating your visitor’s attention and engaging them is the foundation of profiting online.

And for that, you need to understand what your prospects want… You must interact with your visitors, encourage them to share their opinions and then present them with something that they longed for.

But getting your audience to engage with your content and purchase your offers can be tricky, with even weeks of market research, well-written content and eye-catching videos sometimes falling flat.

But words and images aren’t the only tools at your disposal...

There’s one secret and most-overlooked method to skyrocket your visitors' engagement and get valuable data to boost your conversions literally OVERNIGHT…


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